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      Complete Case Management         For Federal Defenders

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CJA eVoucher

Work directly with your translators, investigators, psychologists, and other experts to get them approved and paid

Expert on Bill Classification and Document Preparation. Filling of all vouchers including CJA-20, CJA-21 and CJA-26. Travel authorizations and mileage reimbursement

Case Budgeting and Preperation. Mega Case Consulting and management

All work guaranteed through Clerk audit and final approval and payment


CM/ECF (Case Management/Electronic Case Files) and PACER document retrieval and motion filing

Easily integrate with your case process to relieve yourself of cumbersome and slow Federal systems



  With over 8 years of experience managing CJA cases, Miles is an expert in all aspects of Federal Defender case management. His process for managing a case lets the lawyer focus on representing their clients without worrying about the cumbersome administrative burdens of the CJA system. 


  Miles started CJA Solutions after seeing how many lawyers are so frustrated with the CJA system, that they hesitate to pursue new cases. His efficiency and expertise lets CJA attorney's get paid faster while saving valuable time and money.


   He also manages all approvals and payments with your case experts directly from their first case approval to all of their payments for the lifetime of the case, vastly reducing the back and forth required by a lawyer working with the voucher system.

   Working with CJA Solutions is simple, cost effective, and efficient. 

  In addition to CJA Solutions, Miles is also a Forensic Multi-Media expert with experience working on Federal, State, and private cases. With a background working on Feature Films, TV specials, Documentaries, and major commercial productions he uses these same professional techniques to conduct forensic analysis and enhancements on video, photo, and audio.  He is skilled in the various evidentiary and forensic software used by State and Federal authorities as well as professional sound and video programs and their applications in criminal proceedings.  His findings and reports have often played a key role in the defense counsels case.  

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Miles Gerety 

  He has assisted counsel in serious felony trials with multimedia support, video and sound enhancement, exhibit production and presentation, expert witness preparation, and general trial organization in murder trials and other serious criminal litigation at both the state and federal level. 

Selected CJA Case History

US v. Supersad 3:14-CR-00241-1                 

US v. Hartsell 3:15-MS-00118                         

US v. Orcutt  3:16-CR-00109                          

US v. Cordero et al 3:17-CR-00150-9             

US v. Martin 3:17-CR-00108-2                        

US v. Harvey 3:17-MJ-00080-1                       

US v. Filyaw et al 3:18-CR-00081-16               US v. Rodriguez et al 3:19-CR-00144-17           

US v. Estevez, et al 3:14-CR-00191-2 

US v. Tyson 3:16-CR-00174-1

US v. Zhang 3:16-CR-00072-1

US v. Mansourov et al 3:17-CR-00164

US v. William Semidey 3:17-CR-00020-2

US v. Butler et al 3:18-CR-00022-2

US v. Swinton et al 3:19-CR-00065-4 

Dipippa v. Fulbrook C. Mgmt. LLC 3:19-CV-01386-1        

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